March 4, 2020



Hello and welcome to the March ‘AUSPAN INFORM'.  We hope you had an awesome public holiday and are feeling pumped for the new month!


This month we look at a multipurpose shed in Mindarabin. This shed has many features to ensure our client gets the most out of their investment.

This shed features:

  • Fully enclosed chemical storage area which is equipped with wall louvre vents with vermin mesh for safe ventilation of chemical storage space
  • Ridge ventilation
  • Bunded concrete floor for spillage containment
  • Drainage sump to external sump drain with extraction cam-lock
  • Bunded sliding door for spillage containment
  • PA Door
  • 4m concrete push walls for grain and fertiliser storage
  • Concrete floor and apron for grain loading
  • Loading ramp for easy outloading of grain & fertiliser
  • Girder truss to allow double bay opening for maximised access to storage area
  • Tapered gutter system to run all stormwater to one end of shed plumbed into water storage tanks for maximising runoff collection and reduced number of downpipes

And as with all our sheds is comes with the AUSPAN 100% Lifetime Guarantee and Lead-time delivery Guarantee!



Thank you and all the best for March!