August 4, 2020



Hello and welcome to the August ‘AUSPAN INFORM'.  

My name is John and along with my sons we founded AUSPAN back in 2009.

During July I have really enjoyed getting out of the office to visit some of our valued clients. Today we are going to give you a brief update of some projects we visited on our trips and that we have been working on completing in the past month.


AUSPAN’s scope of the new 14,500m² Bunnings in Albany is nearing completion. We are working with M/Construction in conjunction with Marawar to complete this build.

64 x 25 Machinery Shed-1  64 x 25 Machinery Shed 2-1

42 x 16m Shearing Shed-1  27 x 12m Machinery Shed-1

Timik Construction (2)  Timik Construction (1)

A 1300m² industrial warehouse & office in Karratha. This building was built along with Timik Constructions and has come up looking great!

36 x 18m Machinery Shed-1  15 x 8m Garage-1

24 x 15m Open Front Hay Shed-1  30 x 16m Machinery and Hay Storage Shed-1

24 x 15m Grain Storage Facility-1  24 x 14.3 Farrowing Shed-2

Thanks for reading, the team at AUSPAN look forward to assisting your project.

Stay safe and healthy and have a great July!