Multi Purpose Facility for North Stirling Downs

14 June 2019
Case Study #416
Project Value$175 - 200K
Project Build Time8 weeks
AUSPAN Guarantee


Client Brief

The client required a facility for storage of hay and grain, as well as the ability to store various pieces of farm machinery in the off season..

Auspan Solutions

AUSPAN designed this facility that integrates with the clients existing grain bucket elevator and silo system walls to enable large capacity grain & hay storage in the same shed. A roof access system was incorporated to provide simple maintenance to the loading system


The shed had to be constructed within very close proximity to the existing silo system which required additional care by the crane ans install teams.


  • 60 x 21m floor area
  • 2.4m grain walls. (Integrated engineering design to suit)
  • Large access door on each end to allow drive through machinery access
  • Integration with existing weigh bridge, bucket elevator & silo system
  • Roof safe system providing easy access for maintenance. 

AUSPANs Testimonial

Great project Wayne, this facility includes all of what we are seeing as a trend to multipurpose shed facilities. Grain, hay, fertilizer, machinery.

STEVE Richardson, Sales Consultant